Day 3

23 04 2010

It feels good to have a new appreciation for food.  I was always kind of a “foodie” I love fine dining and Food Network, but now I’m taking time to stop and think about what I’m putting in my body before it passes my lips.

Today went well, on the food front at least, I didn’t get as much activity as I wanted due to storms outside, but who knows I could still try Wii Fit before bed.

For Breakfast I once again had the delicious combination of Fiber One Honey Cluster cereal and the unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, YUM!!!!

For lunch my boyfriend cooked up some chicken sausages, I had one, sans bun, with ketchup.  I was still pretty full from breakfast so that was all I had.

Around dinner I started craving sweet potato fries, I remembered that I had bought a few at the store so I peeled and cut one up and made some homemade sweet potato fries!

I preheated the oven to 425

Washed, peeled and cut the potato

Then I placed the fries in a ziplock bag with 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil and a dash of Adobo seasoning, then shake until all the fries are evenly coated.

Line a baking sheet with tin foil and spray with cooking spray.

Arrange the fries in a single layer, try to spread them out so they aren’t touching.

Bake the fries for 11 minutes, then take them out and flip and put back in for another 11-13 minutes.

They were soooo good!  You can add additional seasoning to taste if you want, but these babies don’t need it.

Even though the two don’t really go together I paired my sweet potato fries with my leftover grilled chicken and veggie quesadilla from last night and finished up my leftover quac.

Sorry the pics are blurry, my card reader isn’t working so I took the pictures on my phone :-/

I drank soooooooo much water today! My water bottle was in the wash so I just used disposable water bottles, and I’ve had 8 bottles, which is the equivalent of 4 liters.  The bathroom has become my dear friend (lol).

I hope that everyone had a great day, happy Friday!

What are you doing this weekend to keep yourself healthy? Or is the weekend your “cheat time”?




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