Day 6

27 04 2010

Today was much better!

I started off the day with a yummy chocolate brownie protein bar (it felt so wrong and yet so right to have chocolate for breakfast).

Then I grabbed my iPod and headed out for a walk, I need to get a pedometer (I have no idea how far I walked), I walked for just over an hour around my parents neighborhood.  We had great weather here today and it was nice and sunny so the walk flew by and I felt great afterwards.

Lunch was a Green Monster!!! YUM!

And dinner was wonderful, I found some stuffed chicken breasts in my parent’s freezer, and while most stuffed chicken breasts I’ve seen are breaded and therefore high carb and high cal, but these weren’t.  They were skinless, all white meat chicken breasts stuffed with 3 kinds of cheese and jalapeños (for kick).  They were sooooo yummy and with only 200 calories, 6g of carbs and 34g of protein it was a perfect dinner.  I paired it with the Green Giant Immunity Blend of steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots and bell peppers) and it was probably the best dinner I’ve had since I made stir fry last Monday.  Not that I didn’t like the rest of the food I ate this past week, but this was way up at the top as far as taste goes.

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes just as well 🙂




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