My Trader Joe’s Adventure

30 04 2010

I told you guys yesterday that I was taking a trip (although it felt more like a sabbatical) out to Trader Joe’s.  Normally the trip takes about 45 minutes in each direction, however, due to some major traffic congestion (due to some poorly planned construction) it took twice as long to get there.  Because of the traffic I had to skip the second part of my trip to Whole Foods in order to ensure that I had enough time to get back and unload everything before heading to Day 2 of physical therapy.

So Whole Foods will have to be a separate trip (maybe I can get my boyfriend to tag along!).

I did however, get QUITE the haul from Trader Joe’s, I love the place I really do its like shopping in the Promised Land, EVERYTHING is good.

So here’s what I got:

Some yummy Greek yogurt (vanilla and honey) and Egg White Only Egg Salad!

Some marinated artichoke hearts and yummy almond butter!!!

Some new salad dressings to try and some honey (since I'm officially trying to give up refined sugars)

A rack of lamb, I KNOW my boyfriend is going to love this!

Look at all that green! Some baby spinach, a cucumber and some avocados

Some roast beef, light swiss cheese and some panchetta

Some faux beef strips for stir frying and some soy chorizo

Some yummy red quinoa, some turkey jerky for munching and my FAVORITE apple pie Larabars!!!

Some healthy, pre-made chicken dinners for lazy nights

Some pre-mixed veggies for stir frying (really cuts down on prep time)

Some yummy protein! Curry chicken (I'm sooo making that tonight!) and some Korean BBQ style sesame beef

Look at all the yummy berries! The picture really doesn't do them justice

This was THE find of the trip, I LOVE pizza, but since I'm on a low carb diet I can't really enjoy it. But these babies have less than 8g net carbs per serving! NOMNOMNOM

Quite a trip huh?  All this food and it was CHEAPER than my average grocery trip!!!




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