Day 12

3 05 2010

Its hard to believe that its already been almost two weeks since I’ve started this challenge, and its amazing how much better I feel in such a short amount of time!

As I mentioned earlier, I had kind of a rough weekend, so I wanted to make up for it today by eating well and being active.

Breakfast was kind of a staple…Fiber One Honey Clusters and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze

After breakfast I went on a 45 minute walk around my neighborhood and rocked out to the soundtrack from the Madonna episode of Glee, I probably looked silly doing my walk/dance moves but who cares!

After my walk I was famished, and it was about lunch time, so I threw this together and it was A-MAZING!!! I decided to try the pizza I found at Trader Joe’s that had less than 8g of net carbs per serving!  This one has cheese, ham and caramelized onions on a paper thin crust.  I paired it with a side salad.

Serving size was one piece, so the rest is leftovers either for my boyfriend or me later this week 🙂

After lunch I had physical therapy which I talked about earlier (my abs are STILL sore).  But even though I was sore I decided to go on…ANOTHER 45 minute walk! (I am seriously trying to atone for this weekend)

Then I did some light housework to keep me moving, but after an hour or so my abs got the best of me and I decided to sprawl out on the couch and read a book on my Kindle before making dinner.

Dinner was the highly anticipated Curry Chicken Tenders from Trader Joe’s, served on a bed of quinoa with a side salad.  And all I have to say is yumyumyumyumyumyum YUM!  I don’t think there was even a smudge of curry left on the plate by the time we were done.  My boyfriend said it was hands down the best curry he’s ever had (but don’t tell his mom), and I might have to agree.

My nice small serving of curry chicken over quinoa

A shot from above, yum!

My boyfriend's larger serving

With flash

And from the side

The chicken was pre-made, I just had to grill it, and for the quinoa I cooked it with low fat and low sodium chicken broth.  I would definitely recommend picking up this chicken at your local Trader Joe’s, this has become a new house favorite!

What are some favorite dishes in your home?




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