I’ve been naughty

3 05 2010

This past weekend was crazy.  The BBQ went well and I stuck to my diet, with the exception of the copious amount of alcohol we all consumed.  But other than the alcohol I did well, I had a large salad (no dressing), some grilled chicken kabobs and a hamburger patty.

Sunday however was more of a challenge, I woke up quite hungover, and apparently I got quite sick at night (TMI right) so in the morning I was in desperate need of some “hangover food.” After consuming about 6 bottles of water, we headed out to meet up with the same group of friends from the BBQ at a local breakfast place called Wildberry.  Nothing on the menu seemed appealing at all, so I chose to nibble a little of this and a little of that from everyone else’s plates.  Probably not the best idea, since I was unable to keep track of my caloric intake, and due to the high amount of carbs I was likely ingesting.  I tried everything from Southern style biscuits and gravy to Nutella crepes 😦

Lunch wasn’t much better, all of my friends went and got their tattoos so we spent a whopping SEVEN hours, and since I didn’t drive I was stuck there for the whole time, and ended up nibbling on a slice of pizza for lunch 😦

Dinner….well at least I only nibbled off the boyfriend’s place.  Everyone decided they wanted to go to an Irish pub for dinner, and there were ZERO healthy options on the menu, so I just took a couple of bites of my boyfriend’s fish and chips (which weren’t as good as the hype made them seem so I didn’t really feel compelled to eat them).

If anything I was at least pretty active, going for regular walks, etc…despite the slips with the diet, so when I stepped onto the scale today I had only gained 0.4lbs.  So I’m going to try to keep up the activity and not slip on the diet anymore.

How was your weekend, what challenges did you have?




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