16 05 2010

Its “that time” and I’m bloated and cranky and those tampon commercials are seeming even more annoying than usual.  My hormones are out of control and I’ve been a bit lax on my diet today to appease my body which is CRAVING carbs and sugar.

I munched on an apple for breakfast, but had pizza for lunch and cookie dough ice cream for dinner.  But small amounts seemed to sate my cravings, I ate less than the recommended serving size of both so even though it was a “splurge” at least I didn’t go overboard.

Its been cold and rainy here the last few days so I haven’t been able to walk outside very much, but I’ve been diligent about doing my physical therapy exercises, especially the ones with my swiss ball and resistance bands to keep up some level of activity.

How has your weekend been going?




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