Strength Exercises

4 06 2010

So I’ve been slowly trying to add new strength exercises to the routine that my physical therapist has me on.

So far today I worked in push-ups, two sets of 10, I attempted a plank (I lasted 30 seconds…but I have to say my form was PERFECT) and I found a website that shows different strength exercises to do with your balance ball (YAY!)

I did this one:

I did 3 sets of 10.

And I plan on doing this one after I’m done with this blog (the plan is 3 sets of 10)

I tried to do this:

and almost DIED!  This move is way beyond my current fitness level…I’ll have to try again later…

What are some of your favorite strength moves to do at home?


Physical Therapy

3 05 2010

Physical therapy is seriously kicking my butt and I LOVE it.  I love feeling the changes in my body after just 3 sessions.  My abs are tighter from all the core exercises my therapist has me doing, and I can already feel some of my flexibility returning.

Today my therapist had me start with bridges, something I haven’t been able to do in over 5 years, and YES it was a struggle, but I DID IT!!!

She wants me to do 2-3 sets of 10 per day if I can, but she would eventually like to me work up to doing 30 in a row.

My other new exercise involves me working with a balance ball and resistance bands.  While sitting on the ball I need to do rowing motions with the resistance bands, forward and reverse for 3 sets of 10.

I also picked up a “fitness watch” that is a watch/timer/pedometer/heart monitor to help keep track of my daily activity levels.

What exercises do you do on a daily basis?