5 06 2010

I just made the best guacamole…I would post a picture, but I taste tested it in the kitchen and now its gone lol.

I mashed up half an avocado, added about half a tablespoon of chopped garlic, 1/3 of a medium sized tomato-chopped, cilantro, black pepper and sriacha hot sauce (to taste…I like it spicy, and the avocado cools really well).

Mix and enjoy. I had it with some pita chips and some carrot chips. I love avocados ūüôā

I promise to post pictures next time.


Day 2

22 04 2010

Today was full of green! Which was great it made it feel more like spring.  I started off the day with a Green Monster (check out the recipe in my previous post) sooooo yummy!!!  That actually kept me filled up most of the day, I had an individual serving of low-fat cottage cheese as a snack, but after that I was good to go until dinner.

Dinner was spectacular. ¬†Iowa Girl Eats inspired me to make some homemade guacamole, and since you can’t just eat guacamole (well you COULD but that wouldn’t be very nutritious now would it) I made grilled chicken and veggie quesadillas to go with it.

Sorry that the picture’s kind of blurry. ¬†In the guac:

– 1 whole avocado
– 1 green onion
– a dash of Adobo seasoning (you can use salt if you want, I like Adobo for general use it has garlic and other seasonings in it, you don’t need very much)
– half a small tomato, diced
– a dash of black pepper to taste

For the quesadillas I used La Tortilla Factory tortillas (low carb, gluten-free), which I found out about from Hungry Girl, they seemed a little dry when I took them out of the package, but they ended up tasting great.  Even my boyfriend (whose arm I have to twist to eat healthy) loved them.

Inside the quesadillas:

– diced bell peppers
– diced tomatoes
– diced grilled chicken breast
– diced onion
– mushrooms
– low fat shredded mozzarella cheese

I sautéed the vegetables before hand.  Everything was soooo good!  I will definitely be  making this again.

As far as exercise goes, I kind of overdid it today. ¬†I cleaned my apartment for about 4 hours straight, dancing as I went. ¬†Not sure exactly how many calories I burned, but I’m sore now and however many I burned its more than if I had just laid around all day ūüôā

All in all a great second day!

How was your day?