Hit or Hype?: Sketches Shape Ups

22 04 2010

Shape Ups, Fit Flops, Easy Tones all of these are types of shoes that claim to strengthen and tone your legs, thighs and glutes while you go about your daily activities.  As an overweight woman I saw these as an opportunity to get in some exercise even with my hectic schedule so I asked for a pair for Christmas.  Now, mine have only gotten minimal use because I’ve been recovery from spinal surgery and didn’t think that shoes with an uneven sole would be the best thing for my back right now.  So I have to ask you, do you think these types of shoes are a hit, delivering the promised goods, or are they hype, showing no results at all?

My mom loved the ones she tried on while Christmas shopping for me (we wear the same size) so much that she bought herself three pairs, and my dad even got a pair.  She swears that after wearing them all day her legs and glutes are sore and that she can “feel them working,”  But is that the result of the shoe or just a good healthy walk?

I will say that the few times I have worn my Shape Ups they have been probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  I was able to wear them out holiday shopping for a good 10 hours and my feet didn’t hurt at all.

So I ask you, are they a hit, or just hype?  Either way they are a pair of comfortable kicks.