The Last Supper

7 06 2010

Tonight marked the last dinner that my boyfriend and I might be able to eat together for the next 12 weeks (he’s doing a weight loss challenge at his gym and his trainer has him on a super strict diet) so I decided to make the fish that I was going to make last week (when I accidentally thawed the chicken instead).

Its a favorite in our house, super yummy and healthy (its from the Cooking Light, Fresh Food Fast cookbook)

Just pre-heat your oven to 425F

Line a baking sheet with some aluminum foil and spray with cooking spray.

Place your fish on the baking sheet (I use 2 4oz filets) this week I used cod, but I’ve used tilapia and halibut before (any firm white fish will do)

Season lightly with salt and pepper.

Place in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and add sprigs of fresh dill (stems removed) to the top of the fish, return to the oven for another 5 minutes or so or until it flakes easily with a fork.

Mix together a couple tablespoons of reduced fat sour cream, lemon juice (just a squirt, about the amount from 2 lemon wedges) and capers.
The amount that you make of this sauce is really up to your personal taste and preference.

This is the final product.

This is my boyfriend’s plate, I only eat one filet.


What are some of your family’s favorite dishes?


Perfect Summer Dinner

2 06 2010

Soooo YUM!  I made the PERFECT SUMMER DINNER tonight!!! My boyfriend rated it a perfect 10 and asked me to make more for him to take for lunch this week.  It all started with a bit of a debacle…I THOUGHT I was thawing fish for dinner, but when it was done thawing and I reached in the freezer bag to pull out the filet’s I found CHICKEN instead of fish.  I was upset for about a minute but then I remembered that I had a chicken recipe that I had been DYING to try!

The recipe is actually from Devin Alexander’s book I Can’t Believe it’s Not Fattening! Devin Alexander is actually the mind behind The Biggest Loser Cookbook and also has several other cookbooks published under her own name.  The recipe is SUPER simple and takes about 15 minutes TOTAL to prepare!!!

Preheat your oven to 350F

Take a skillet at drizzle a little EVOO on the bottom and turn to medium heat.

Take your trimmed, boneless chicken breasts and season with a little salt and pepper.

Sear the chicken in the pan for a few minutes on each side (a few minutes on each side).

Remove from the heat and top with either tomato slices or canned diced tomatoes (her recipe calls for the canned, I didn’t have any so I used fresh) and crumbled goat cheese.

Put the skillet in the oven for 5-9 minutes until the cheese is melted and the chicken is no longer pink.

Top with chopped herbs (optional…I forgot this step)

Here’s what it looks like fresh out of the oven!

To compliment the chicken I decided to try and replicate a yummy salad that I had recently at Champps, with a few changes.

The salad that I had was their Chopped Salad Americana and it was chopped lettuce, dried cranberries, sliced apples, candied pecans, bacon, chicken and blue cheese tossed in honey mustard dressing.

Well I was missing the dressing, the blue cheese and the candied pecans (and omitted the chicken since we were having it as the main course) but I made it work and I actually liked mine better!!!

In the mix:

romaine lettuce, torn not chopped

dried cranberries

slivered almonds

thinly sliced Pink Lady apple (about half the apple)

1 and a half pieces of well done bacon, crumbled

goat cheese

all tossed with….

Let me tell you, this salad was OUT. OF.  THIS..WORLD!!!!!!!!!

Check it out

Close up!

And the finished plate

Another close up!

So yes..the perfect summer dinner 🙂

You’ll notice that the quality of my pictures have improved (hopefully) right?  I busted out my DSLR…I figured I should start taking my food photography a little more seriously 🙂

For those of you that are curious the nutritional info for the chicken (courtesy of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Fatting!)

171 calories, 29 g protein, 2 g carbohydrates, 4 g fat, 2 g saturated fat, 72 mg cholesterol, trace fiber, 198 mg sodium

Not bad!!!

If you want to check out her book you can order it here

Oh by the way, since it’s WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY, my boyfriend weighed in and he lost 2 POUNDS!  I’m so proud of him, he’s thinking of starting a blog too, I’ll make sure that I link it when he does.

What are some of your favorite summer dishes?

Day 12

3 05 2010

Its hard to believe that its already been almost two weeks since I’ve started this challenge, and its amazing how much better I feel in such a short amount of time!

As I mentioned earlier, I had kind of a rough weekend, so I wanted to make up for it today by eating well and being active.

Breakfast was kind of a staple…Fiber One Honey Clusters and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze

After breakfast I went on a 45 minute walk around my neighborhood and rocked out to the soundtrack from the Madonna episode of Glee, I probably looked silly doing my walk/dance moves but who cares!

After my walk I was famished, and it was about lunch time, so I threw this together and it was A-MAZING!!! I decided to try the pizza I found at Trader Joe’s that had less than 8g of net carbs per serving!  This one has cheese, ham and caramelized onions on a paper thin crust.  I paired it with a side salad.

Serving size was one piece, so the rest is leftovers either for my boyfriend or me later this week 🙂

After lunch I had physical therapy which I talked about earlier (my abs are STILL sore).  But even though I was sore I decided to go on…ANOTHER 45 minute walk! (I am seriously trying to atone for this weekend)

Then I did some light housework to keep me moving, but after an hour or so my abs got the best of me and I decided to sprawl out on the couch and read a book on my Kindle before making dinner.

Dinner was the highly anticipated Curry Chicken Tenders from Trader Joe’s, served on a bed of quinoa with a side salad.  And all I have to say is yumyumyumyumyumyum YUM!  I don’t think there was even a smudge of curry left on the plate by the time we were done.  My boyfriend said it was hands down the best curry he’s ever had (but don’t tell his mom), and I might have to agree.

My nice small serving of curry chicken over quinoa

A shot from above, yum!

My boyfriend's larger serving

With flash

And from the side

The chicken was pre-made, I just had to grill it, and for the quinoa I cooked it with low fat and low sodium chicken broth.  I would definitely recommend picking up this chicken at your local Trader Joe’s, this has become a new house favorite!

What are some favorite dishes in your home?

Day 8

30 04 2010

Today was a pretty laid back day, it was gorgeous outside again….around 80 degrees, so its a shame that I was feeling lazy and skipped my walk today in favor of a book.

Breakfast was an EAS chocolate protein shake (only good when they are cold btw, otherwise they have a chalky aftertaste).

Lunch was light since I wasn’t very hungry, just half a thin bun with some almond butter.

Dinner was delicious!!!!  I made a veggie frittata with pretty much every vegetable I had in the fridge.

Pre-heat the oven to 400

You can make this fritatta as veggie filled as you want, but I’ll give you what I used:

Half a bag of baby spinach, sautéed until it shrivels up a bit.

1 whole small tomato, chopped into cubes and sautéed.

1/4 of a bell pepper (I used red because it gave the fritatta a nice color), chopped and sautéed.

I cup of mushrooms (I used baby bellas), chopped and sautéed.

1 clove of garlic, minced and sautéed (I sautéed it at the same time as the bell pepper and mushrooms).

1 piece of multi-grain bread.

8 eggs (4 of those eggs are egg whites only)

1/2 cup of low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese

dash of salt, pepper, oregano and thyme

While the oven is pre-heating, chop all your vegetables and set aside.

I sautéed the spinach first in a little EVOO until it wilted down, then I removed from the pan and set aside.

I followed the same step with the tomato and set aside with the spinach.

I sautéed the bell pepper, garlic and mushrooms at the same time, and removed the pan from the heat and set aside.

In a medium sized bowl I beat together 4 whole eggs and 4 egg whites and added the salt, pepper, oregano and thyme.

I added the spinach and tomato in layers to the skillet with the bell pepper, garlic and mushroom in it.

I cut the piece of whole wheat bread into small cubes and added that on top of the veggies.

I then poured the egg mixture on top, and topped with the shredded cheese.

Cook on a burner over medium heat until the edges begin to set, then put the skillet in the oven for 10-15minutes until the eggs are fluffy and the cheese has melted and begun to brown.

It was soo good!

Hope everyone had a good day, I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow for some healthy goodies!!!

Day 5

26 04 2010

Today was another blah day, I’m a bit under the weather and its raining outside 😦

I ate an apple for breakfast, but I really didn’t feel like eating it.  It was the same thing with lunch, I had a bit of yogurt and a few slices of deli meat.

I took a nap after that and felt a little better, well enough to eat something for dinner.

I’m house sitting for my parents for the next four days so I packed up a few things to bring over:

Earthgrains Thin Buns

I love, love, LOVE these things!  Only 100 calories, 5g of protein and 4g of fiber!  I’m trying really hard not to eat carbs, but in addition to the tortillas these are a good lower carb solution.

I brought this, and the other ingredients (almond butter, bananas, spinach, almond milk) to make my Green Monster smoothies!

I also brought a few other necessities:  protein bars, a sweet potato (in case I crave sweet potato fries again) and some almonds for snacking.

My parents have everything else I could need:  lean proteins, veggies and fruits, but I wanted to make sure I had my staples so I don’t slip while I’m here.

I kept dinner pretty basic:

Earthgrains thin bun, an egg, reduced fat pepperjack cheese, a slice of turkey and mustard.  It was pretty good, like a breakfast sandwich and the mustard gave it a nice kick.

I start my physical therapy on Wednesday, so I’ll find out my physical limitations then and hopefully some exercises I can do in the meantime while I’m healing.  Until then I’m just trying to walk regularly to keep active.

Several of my friends went and got tattoos today, and the boyfriend has been talking about it for awhile.  I’ve contemplated getting a tattoo since I was about 14 (I’m 27 now) and I have yet to decide what I want, and where I would put it.  I have an 8in scar on my back from my surgery (maybe I’ll get my boyfriend help me take a picture so you guys can see…I need to post my “before” pics anyways) and people keep suggesting getting a tattoo to cover up the scar (but that would be one massive “tramp stamp” and I’m not sure if thats what I want…) but I don’t know…

I’ve always thought tattoos should MEAN something, they should mark something important in ones life.  So perhaps if I can succeed with this challenge, then maybe, just maybe that will be something worth marking.

Anyways, enough of my rambling.  I’m not going to be able to weigh in until Wednesday since I’m house sitting, and its probably for the best anyways since that will be a full 7 days.

I hope you have a good night, and heres hoping I feel better tomorrow :-/

Day 2

22 04 2010

Today was full of green! Which was great it made it feel more like spring.  I started off the day with a Green Monster (check out the recipe in my previous post) sooooo yummy!!!  That actually kept me filled up most of the day, I had an individual serving of low-fat cottage cheese as a snack, but after that I was good to go until dinner.

Dinner was spectacular.  Iowa Girl Eats inspired me to make some homemade guacamole, and since you can’t just eat guacamole (well you COULD but that wouldn’t be very nutritious now would it) I made grilled chicken and veggie quesadillas to go with it.

Sorry that the picture’s kind of blurry.  In the guac:

– 1 whole avocado
– 1 green onion
– a dash of Adobo seasoning (you can use salt if you want, I like Adobo for general use it has garlic and other seasonings in it, you don’t need very much)
– half a small tomato, diced
– a dash of black pepper to taste

For the quesadillas I used La Tortilla Factory tortillas (low carb, gluten-free), which I found out about from Hungry Girl, they seemed a little dry when I took them out of the package, but they ended up tasting great.  Even my boyfriend (whose arm I have to twist to eat healthy) loved them.

Inside the quesadillas:

– diced bell peppers
– diced tomatoes
– diced grilled chicken breast
– diced onion
– mushrooms
– low fat shredded mozzarella cheese

I sautéed the vegetables before hand.  Everything was soooo good!  I will definitely be  making this again.

As far as exercise goes, I kind of overdid it today.  I cleaned my apartment for about 4 hours straight, dancing as I went.  Not sure exactly how many calories I burned, but I’m sore now and however many I burned its more than if I had just laid around all day 🙂

All in all a great second day!

How was your day?

Day 1 Recap: Nutritional Information

22 04 2010

Well, I thought about it last night and decided that I should be including my nutritional information with my daily menus, as well as calories burned from any exercise done throughout the day.

So to recap what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast:  EAS Chocolate Protein Shake
Calories  110
Fat  3g
Total Carbohydrates  4g
Dietary Fiber  2g
Sugars  0
Protein  17g

Lunch:  Honey Clusters Fiber One Cereal with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze Milk
Calories   160(cereal) 40(milk) = 200 total calories
Fat  1.5g(cereal) 1.5g(milk) = 3g total fat
Total Carbohydrates  42g(cereal) 2g(milk) = 44g total carbs
Dietary Fiber  13g(cereal) 1g(milk) = 14g total fiber
Sugars  6g(cereal) 0(milk) = 6g total sugar
Protein  5g(cereal) 1g(milk) = 6g total protein

Dinner:  Sashimi Appetizer
Calories   255
Fat  9.6g
Total Carbohydrates  0
Dietary Fiber  –
Sugars  –
Protein  41.4g

Daily Totals:
Calories  565 (ouch…didn’t realize this was so low….I’ll consume more calories today)
Fat  15.6g
Total Carbohydrates  48g (I’m aiming for as close to 40g or less of carbohydrates per day, per my doctor’s orders)
Fiber  16g
Sugars  6g
Protein  64.4g
Net Carbs  26g

Total Calories Burned From Exercise:  270

Total Water Consumed:  86oz

Wow not a bad first day (other than the ridiculously low calorie count)!!! I hope I can keep it up today, I’m thinking about making a smoothie for breakfast…we’ll see how that turns out.