Better Than I Thought…

30 05 2010

As you guys know I’ve been fairly disappointed in my lack of weight loss lately.  Granted I’ve been happy to lose inches, but not seeing the number on the scale budge has been frustrating considering the amount of effort that I’ve been putting into this challenge.  However, I found out after going to the doctor this week that I’ve actually lost more weight than I had originally thought (happy dance).  According to my chart I weighed in at 223.5lbs before my spinal surgery, which was March 2nd of this year and now I’m hovering around 202-203 pound range, which means I’ve lost 20lbs since my surgery!  Which is pretty impressive considering that I could barely walk to the end of the street and back for the first month after my surgery, actually its pretty amazing how far I’ve come since then period.  Granted I still can’t jog (my doctor said that the impact is bad for my spinal fusion) so my activities are limited to walking, swimming and my physical therapy exercises (which in the capacity that I can do them don’t burn as many calories as I would hope).

So my weight loss is mostly controlled by my diet, which is also a challenge due to my insulin resistance (a by product of my PCOS…sigh) so I’m trying to limit my carb and sugar intake as much as possible to maximize my weight loss.

Oh, I am happy to report (since so many of you were kind enough to inquire) that my boyfriend has decided to jump on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon.  He’s been eating better, and has gone to the gym almost everyday for at least an hour (he even hired a personal trainer) and he bought one of those electronic cigarettes to try and help him quit smoking!

It made me so happy when he told me all this, but sad at the same time.  Apparently some guys can’t handle talking about their health and fitness with their significant others.  But when our mutual guy friend stepped in and talked about how he was worried about his health and how great the personal trainer he was working out with was they became instant gym buddies.

I’m kinda jealous that he would rather go to the gym with another guy than with me (granted I just work out outside, at home or at the fitness complex that’s included in our association fees) and I’m also probably a little jealous that since he’s not on disability (he’s receiving full paychecks, I’m only at 60% pay) he’s able to splurge on a membership to a fancy gym, a personal trainer that costs $50/hr and even a fancy Polar heart rate monitor ($250).    But I need to put my green eyed monster in check and just be happy that he’s making these changes.  And I’m glad that he decided to do it for himself and not do it just because I wanted him to.

I did find out that I’ll be going back to work next week (my doctor’s decision, my physical therapist thinks its a horrible idea) but I’ll only be working 4 hour shifts.  I’ve been trying to get a hold of my manager to work out a schedule but no one has gotten back to me, must be the long holiday weekend.  Hopefully their okay with it, otherwise I’ll continue to be out of work until I have the endurance to work a full 8 hour shift.

My physical therapist has some concerns other than the obvious ones for someone who is recovering from a spinal fusion, apparently my right leg is pretty messed up from overcompensating for my back pain (through my leaning walk) for so long.  To give you an idea, I cannot put my right foot flat on the ground, it looks like I’m wearing an invisible high heel.  I also have ridiculous muscle tightness up the back of my leg, even after her stretching my hamstring for an hour we couldn’t get the leg to fully extend, it was always still slightly bent at the knee.  Her biggest concern in the complete lack of flexibility in my right ankle.  She has someone coming to our session next week to fit me for a custom brace that she wants me to wear at least once a day for twenty minutes.  It will have a crank and I’ll have to use it to slowly stretch it out to try and regain some range of motion.

I’ve been pretty active this weekend though, I’ve walked about 2.5 miles each day and I swam laps for about 40 minutes on Friday.  I have also been doing my physical therapy exercises at home.

I made a KILLER dinner the other night too, I pan seared some chicken until it was lightly browned on both sides then brushed it with some marinade that I made from BBQ sauce and a mix of spices (black pepper, garlic, crushed red pepper, parsley) put it in a casserole dish, covered with tin foil and baked in the oven at 375F for about 30 minutes.  While the chicken was cooking I sliced two ripe plantains nice and thin and pan fried them to make some nice, crispy, delicious plantain chips.  I served both with a simple side salad.  Oh, and I love to season my plantain chips with a liberal sprinkle of Adobo seasoning 🙂

Its nice outside so I’m going to go walk before I enjoy some more BBQ later.

Hope you guys are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Its Almost That Time

24 05 2010

It’s almost time for my local Farmer’s Market to start back up and I couldn’t be more excited!

Just the thought of all the local grown veggies and homemade cheeses and other goodies is making my mouth water.  I know that recent studies have shown that frozen fruits and veggies can be just as good for you as fresh, but there is just something about produce that was picked within 24 hours that just makes me go Mmmmmmm…..

Fit Sugar ( posted a great article today about how many veggies you could eat before you hit 100 calories (like you needed more reasons to eat yummy veggies?)

Check it out below ( via Fit Sugar)

Food Amount Calories
Asparagus 32 spears 106
Avocado 1/3 of the fruit 106
Beets (sliced) 1 1/2 cups 94
Bell Pepper (green) 4 medium peppers 95
Bell Pepper (red) 3 and 1/3 medium peppers 103
Broccoli (raw) 10 (5-inch long spears) 105
Brussels Sprouts 14 heads 106
Carrots (baby) 28 98
Food Amount Calories
Cauliflower (raw) 30 flowerettes 98
Celery 18 (8-inch stalks) 101
Corn (sweet white) Kernels from two ears 118
Cucumber 2 (8 1/4-inch cukes) 90
Green beans (cooked) 2 1/4 cups 98
Kale (cooked) 3 cups 109
Lettuce (Romaine) 1 head 106
Mushrooms (raw) 20 large 101
Onions (raw) 2 medium 92
Peas (cooked) 3/4 cup 94
Potato (russet) 3/4 small 100
Potato (sweet) 2 small 108
Radishes (raw) 70 large 101
Spinach (raw) 45 leaves 98
Summer Squash (raw) 3 medium 94
Tomato (grape) 48 108
Tomato (Roma) 3 medium 105
Zucchini 3 medium 94

How awesome is that!?!?! I’ve always had a thing for bell peppers, but I had no idea that I could eat 4 whole bell peppers for less than 100 calories!

For those of us watching our caloric intake this is valuable info, fill up on those veggies so you don’t end up splurging on high calorie food, and since most veggies have a high amount of water in them it can help keep you hydrated 🙂

Dinner tonight was fantastic!  Super filling and tasty 🙂

I made Chicken Pomedoro from Trader Joe’s and put it over a bed of quinoa with some Green Giant Immunity Blend mixed veggies on the side

Sorry so blurry, its my camera phone

The mixed veggies was a combination of broccoli, bell peppers and carrots-YUM!

I give this meal two thumbs way up, Trader Joe’s never ceases to amaze me.

I had physical therapy today and I was talking to my therapist about Wii Fit and she smiled and pulled out a piece of paper that was a Wii Fit workout routine (with the activities I can do that are safe for my level of recovery), how AWESOME is that?!?!  I love my physical therapist, I really do.

So last night was the series finale of Lost and I really liked it, I have to be honest at first I was a little disappointed that Jack was the one to replace Jacob (too obvious) but I’m not going to say any more than that since I don’t know how many of you have seen it.

And tonight is the season finale of Chuck so I’m going to go watch that, and my boyfriend asked me to make him a workout playlist since he’s going to start going to the gym effective tomorrow (woot!) so I better get on that.

How was your weekend?

Green Bananas

18 05 2010

I woke up this morning CRAVING some oatmeal and banana, however when I went to the kitchen I noticed that the bananas that we’d bought at the grocery store were still green.  I only recently started eating bananas (it was a texture thing, not a flavor thing) but even I knew that green=unripe.  But it was the only thing my body wanted so I sucked it up and peeled the banana (much harder than a ripe banana).  It only took one bite to taste the difference, the banana was definitely missing its sweetness, so I drizzled some  organic honey on top and that solved the problem 🙂

Weight Control Oatmeal with chia seeds, banana and organic honey.

I’ve been keeping up with my physical therapy exercises and sitting on my swiss ball while I watch TV and read my Kindle and my core is soooo sore (but sooo worth it).  But I need to step up my walking, the gloomy weather we’ve been having lately has given me and excuse to skip it (lame I know).

Grocery shopping was fun, we got a lot of produce and organic items.  I was so sad they were out of my favorite Larabar (apple pie) but I got another favorite:  banana nut bread and two flavors I haven’t tried yet:  peanut butter and jelly and pecan pie.  I also picked up a Kind Bar after reading about them on the blogosphere, I got the protein one thats mostly nuts, it looked pretty good.

I also finally picked up some popchips, I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and I am trying to do low carb as much as possible but I figured its better to have these around than some pringles.

So I have lots of healthy snacks and a set routine, I’m still nervous for tomorrow’s weigh in (because its that time of the month and I am BLOATED) but I’m sticking to my diet and drinking crazy amounts of water so thats all that matters for now 🙂

How is your week going so far?

Physical Therapy

3 05 2010

Physical therapy is seriously kicking my butt and I LOVE it.  I love feeling the changes in my body after just 3 sessions.  My abs are tighter from all the core exercises my therapist has me doing, and I can already feel some of my flexibility returning.

Today my therapist had me start with bridges, something I haven’t been able to do in over 5 years, and YES it was a struggle, but I DID IT!!!

She wants me to do 2-3 sets of 10 per day if I can, but she would eventually like to me work up to doing 30 in a row.

My other new exercise involves me working with a balance ball and resistance bands.  While sitting on the ball I need to do rowing motions with the resistance bands, forward and reverse for 3 sets of 10.

I also picked up a “fitness watch” that is a watch/timer/pedometer/heart monitor to help keep track of my daily activity levels.

What exercises do you do on a daily basis?

Day 9

30 04 2010

Well today was a busy day! I got up early and had a bowl of Fiber One Honey Clusters with some unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, fantastic as always.  Then I got ready and headed out on my adventure to Trader Joe’s!  Check out how that went here.

I got a lot of great stuff that I can’t wait to try, and I was going to go to Whole Foods too, but traffic is ridiculous around here right now due to a lot of simultaneous road construction (bad planning) so I had to skip it.  My fridge and my freezer are officially jam packed full of food (oh and my pantry too!) so expect lots of recipes and pretty pictures over the course of this next week.

Lunch was an EAS protein shake that I grabbed to take with me since I knew I’d be on the road and didn’t want to be tempted by any drive-thrus.

After I went home to unpack my goodies I rushed over for my second day of physical therapy (I hit major traffic AGAIN and was late).  Boy oh boy is my physical therapist kicking my but.  My abs were still sore from the core exercises from Wednesday and we did more for almost the entire session today.  I was soooo happy when it was time for my electro-stimulation and ice!  However, after just two sessions, even though I may be sore, I can already notice a difference in how I carry myself and my clothes feel a bit looser (although that could be the 3lbs I lost last week).  I am bummed though, my walking has been going so well that I was hoping that I could bump it up to jogging-even for short intervals- since I’m trying to do the Couch to 5k plan.  But my therapist gave me a firm NO on that, and I had a feeling she would since my bone graft hasn’t completely set yet, I thought the impact might be too much.  Oh well, she says maybe by mid-May, so for now I’ll just keep up my walking.

I had planned to make the curry chicken tenders that I got at Trader Joe’s for dinner tonight along with some steamed veggies and quinoa, unfortunately my boyfriend called and said that he was tied up at work and wouldn’t be home until around 11pm so I decided to postpone that for another night.  So I’m being boring and just having leftover veggie frittata from last night (sorry guys).  But tomorrow I’m going to a BBQ (my first social test since starting this challenge, lets see how I do) so I promise to post lots of pictures of yummy food.

I also found a recipe for zero carb ( well 0.9g of carbs) Cheetos that I’m DYING to try.  So I’ll keep you guys updated on how that goes 🙂

Anyways, hope you had/are having a great Friday!