Long MIA, But Good News!

22 06 2010

Sorry for the long MIA everyone, I went back to school and work on the same day and its just been craziness!!!

I promise to be better about updating, especially since I have some good news to share.

I am officially in ONDERLAND!!! I weighed in at 198.7 on Saturday and I am NEVER going back to the 200s!  I am swimming in my old work clothes, so it looks like a shopping trip is in order.  To date I’ve lost about 25lbs and over 8 inches (5 of those from my waist!).

I’m so happy 🙂

Hope your week is going well!



5 06 2010

So as you guys know I typically weigh in on Wednesdays…but I’m seriously starting to wonder if Wednesday is a bad day for me?  I weighed in Wednesday and I was down 0.8lbs and 1.5 inches…I’ve been having a pretty good last couple of days diet and exercise wise so out of curiosity I decided to weigh in this morning.  O….M….G!!!

As of this morning I weighed in at 200lbs exactly.  I was 202.4 on Wednesday, so that means I’ve lost a total of 3.2lbs this week!  I also decided to redo my measurements and I lost another 2 inches off my waist and another 1.5 inches off my bust!

What a great way to start my day!!!!

I seriously think that logging everything I put in my mouth on My Fitness Pal is helping.  It’s also giving me a visual tracker for my water.

I am seriously just 1 pound away from ONEDERLAND!!! Which puts me just 55lbs away from my goal of 145lbs!  That means that I’m already a third of the way through my weight loss journey 🙂

Most importantly I FEEL the difference, I wake up more energetic, I don’t feel lethargic throughout the day, I don’t get bloated anymore (other than when it’s that TOM) I feel healthier.  I went out to dinner with friends last night and I can be a hundred percent honest when I say that the heavily breaded, fried items that I used to love didn’t even get a glance from me 🙂

This is definitely a lifestyle change and not a “diet,” remember diet is a four letter word 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Weigh Ins

4 06 2010

Question for you guys about weigh ins.  Do you have a specific day that you weigh in or are you a weigh in everyday type of person?

Several books I’ve read recommend getting a digital scale that measures weight including decimal points (which I have) and weighing in everyday.  As you guys know I’ve been weighing in every Wednesday with only so so results, well out of curiosity I weighed in Tuesday as well as Wednesday.  On Tuesday I had lost 2lbs, but when I did my normal weigh in on Wednesday I had only lost 0.8lbs…so I’m wondering what’s going on?  My diet hasn’t changed, I haven’t cheated, so what’s going wrong?

I’m thinking of switching my weigh ins to another day, either Friday or Monday, I’m also going to watch my carb intake more closely and my sodium in case its some sort of bloat effect.

Any ideas?

Weigh in Wednesday…Yes I Know It’s Thursday

20 05 2010

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was kind of a bad day for me.  On top of that its “that time of the month” and I am SOOOOOO bloated!!! So while I didn’t lose this week, I didn’t gain either.  So thats a win.  And my measurements stayed the same from last week (including the two inches I lost last week) which I will take as another win since I feel like I’ve gained 10lbs of water weight this past week.

So we’ll just continue healthy habits, drink lots and lots of water (and cut down on the wine…) and be more active (my physical therapist finally cleared me to resume SOME of my Wii Fit activities YAY).

I’m going to share some cool articles I found with you guys…after dinner 🙂

Weekly Weigh In

5 05 2010

Well I weighed in this morning, and while it was better than I expected after my actions over this past weekend, I was still disappointed in myself.  I didn’t gain, but I didn’t lose either.  I am going to talk to my therapist tomorrow about upping my daily activity and finding out what I can and cannot do.  I’m also contemplating doing a cleanse, but the idea of the Master Cleanse kinda scares me.  I’ve been looking into Shakeology after reading about it on other blogs, but I’d really appreciate some feedback as to how it tastes and makes you feel before I take the $120 plunge.

I like the Shakeology cleanse the best, and I don’t know if I can just use my own protein shakes to do the 3 day cleanse.  If you have any insight let me know, otherwise I’m just going to have to keep researching 🙂

What are your experiences with fasts and cleanses?  What do you think about Shakeology?

I’d appreciate your feedback.

Thanks guys!

Day 7

29 04 2010

Sorry that this update is a little late, yesterday was a bit hectic (wrapping up house sitting and my first day of physical therapy).

Physical therapy is going to be great, my therapist is really nice and because I already knew how to do kegels, she said I was ahead of the curve (kegels for spinal surgery rehab who knew?).  A bonus to therapy is not only are we going to work on my flexibility that I lost from the spinal fusion, but they are going to work me out twice a week- so that’s bonus exercise on top of what I’m already doing.

Like I said they have me doing kegel exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor, and while I do that I am simultaneously supposed to knit together my ab muscles, pulling them towards my spine, while I try to move the muscles around my sanctum (by the tail bone) up and down along my spine.  It sounds complicated and it kind of is, and boy did it make my abs HURT!  My therapist told me that after doing these exercises for a couple of weeks, not only can we expect my core to be stronger (which will protect my spine), but my pants will fit better too (or as she put it, “no more muffin top”).

Anyways, on the food front yesterday I kept things pretty basic:

Breakfast:  EAS Protein Bar

Lunch:  turkey sandwich with mustard on my beloved Earthgrains thin buns! (nomnomnom)

After therapy I was kind of hungry so I had an individual serving of low fat cottage cheese (only 90 calories, yum).

And for dinner my boyfriend decided to cook tonight and made beef stir fry which was delicious!!!

Today also marked the end of week 1 of my challenge, and you know what that means…WEIGH IN!!!!

I was pretty nervous stepping on the scale, but I wasn’t disappointed:  203.2 so I lost 3lbs! YAY!!!!  That also means that I’m even closer to ONEDERLAND!!! Its so close I can taste it!  Maybe next week?

I’m going to try and upload before pics and full measurements today and tomorrow, whenever my boyfriend’s around to help 🙂

How is everyone’s week going so far?  Any setbacks or challenges?