30 04 2010

Oh how I love Larabars.  They are a nice break from my usual protein bars, and oh so delicious!  I’ve only had the opportunity to try two of the flavors so far, but Apple Pie is by far my favorite!

The biggest thing I love about Larabars, is that pretty much all of them are made with 6 ingredients or less and they are all natural.  The Apple Pie Larabar for example contains dates, almonds, unsweetened apple pieces, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.  And I have to say it tastes JUST like a piece of apple pie.  I’ve contemplated warming one up in the microwave to get that hot apple pie feel, but I’m not sure what it would do to the consistency of the bar.  Nutrition wise its not too bad either, most of the Larabars are 200 calories or less, the Apple Pie one is 180 calories with 10g of fat (however 9g of that is healthy unsaturated fats from the nuts) as well as 5g of fiber and 4g of protein.

Do you eat Larabars? If so what’s your favorite flavor?